A Series Motion Controllers

The A Series Motion Controllers come in various models structured to your specific application needs. Ideal for small scale applications up to 4 control axes and larger scale applications up to 32 control axes. In addition, various motion controller operating system software packages are available. The operating software with optimum control functions is selected based on your application requirements. Simple, compact and powerful motion controls, custom tailored for your application needs.
1. Base Unit7. Synchronous Encoder*
2. CPU Module8. Servo Amplifier/Motor
3. Special Function Module*9. Cables/Connectors/Manuals
4. Miscellaneous I/O Units10. Operating Software
5. Peripheral Equipment11. Programming Software
6. Manual Pulse Generator*

*Optional for the system

Base Unit Information

Base Units

CertificationUL • cULUL • cULUL • cULUL • cULUL • cULUL • cUL
Motion Module Slots111248
PLC Slots147640
Mounting Hole Width (X) mm (in)200 (7.87)325 (12.8)410 (16.14)
Base Unit Width
(W) mm (in)
220 (8.66)325 (12.8)430 (16.9)

*For use with A173UHCPU only

A Series Power Supply Module

CertificationUL • cUL • CEUL • cUL • CE
Input100 to 240 VAC100 to 240 VAC
Output5 VDC 5A3 VDC 5A, 24 VDC 0.6A

Extension Base Units (optional)

Extension Slots588
(with GOT bus)
Mounting Hole Width (X) mm (in)295 (11.61)400 (15.75)
Base Unit Width
(W) mm (in)
315 (12.4)420 (16.5)

A Series CPU Modules

CertificationUL • cUL • CEUL • cUL • CEUL • cUL • CE
PLC CPUA2SHCPU equivalentA2SHCPU memory, I/O increase equivalentA3UCPU equivalent
PLC Program Capacity14k steps30k steps30k steps x2
Real I/O Points512 points1024 points (Note)2048 points (Note)
Processing Speed (Sequence Command)0.25µs/step0.25µs/step0.15µs/step
Control AxesMax. 4Max. 8Max. 32 (-S1 with Extended Memory)
Servo Program Capacity13k steps13k steps14k steps
Internal Power SupplyInput: 100 to 240 VAC
Output: 5 VDC 3A 24 VDC 0.6A
Input: 100 to 240 VAC
Output: 5 VDC 5A
Input: 100 to 240 VAC
Output: 5 VDC 5A
Internal Current
5 VDC 1.63A5 VDC 1.63A5 VDC 1.90A
Servo AmplifierExternal servo amp connected
External servo amp connected by SSCNETExternal servo amp connected
Servo Motor Capacity50W to 55kW50W to 55kW50W to 55kW
NetworkMELSECNET II/B (local station only)
MELSECNET/10 (normal station only)
PLC ExtensionMax. 1 base unitMax. 1 base unitMax. 1 base unit

Note: The real I/O point can be used within the range of CPU base and one extension base.


Hardware DescriptionDescription
A6BATReplacement Battery for CPU only

Pulse Generator/Synchronous Encoder Interface Unit

CertificationUL • cUL
Motion Control
Signal Input,
Tracking Input
Input PointMotion signal point: 32 points (8 points each for upper limit switch, lower limit switch,
STOP signal, proximity dog) Tracking input: 1 point
Range of
Voltage Used
10.2 to 26.4 VDC
ON Voltage/CurrentMin. 7V/Min. 1.0mA
OFF Voltage/CurrentMax. 1.8V/Max. 0.18mA
Response TimeMotion control signal input: OFF—ON Max. 2ms, ON—OFF Max. 3ms
Tracking input: OFF—ON Max. 0.5ms, ON—OFF Max. 0.5ms
Dynamic Brake
Output Point1 point
Range of Load
Voltage Used
21.6 to 30 VDC
Max. Load Current0.1A
Response TimeOFF—ON max. 2ms, ON—OFF max 2 ms
Manual Pulse
Encoder Input
Usable Unit1
Adaptive TypeVoltage output type (5 VDC)/differential output type (26LS31 or equivalent)
Possible to select by connector wiring
High Level Voltage3.0 to 5.25 VDC
Low Level Voltage0 to 1 VDC
Input FrequencyMax. 100k PLS/s (magnification of 4)
Encoder Input
Usable Unit1
Adaptive TypeSerial absolute synchronous encoder input (MR-HENC)
5 VDC Internal Consumption Current0.42A (Manual pulse generator/synchronous encode is contained)

A Series I/O Module

OutputTransistor Output 64 points, 12/24 VDC 0.1A

Note: Please refer to the Programmable Logic Controller AnSH Series section in this
Product Selection Guide for miscellaneous I/O module part numbers specifications.

 Manual Pulse Generator (optional)ModuleMR-HDP01CertificationUL • cULPulse Resolution25 PLS/rev (100 PLS/rev at magnification of 4)Output VoltageInput voltage > 1V *Consumption CurrentMax. 60mALifeMore than 1,000,000 revolutions at 200 r/minPermitted Axis LoadRadial: Max. 19.6N; Thrust: Max. 9.8NOperating Temperature-10°C to +60°CWeight (kg)0.4 (0.88)
Note: When using an external power supply, necessary to 5V power supply.

  Synchronous Encoder (optional) 

ModuleMR-HENCResolution16384 PLS/revDirection on IncreaseCounter clockwise (viewed from end of axis)Protective ConstructionIP52 (dust proof, oil-proof)Permitted Axis LoadRadial: Max 98N; Thrust: Max 49NPermissible Rotation Speed4300 r/minPermissible Angular
Acceleration4000 rad/sOperating Temperature-5°C to 55°CWeight (kg)1.5 (3.3)

Peripheral Equipment

Note: When using a teaching unit A31TU-E with a dead-man switch, a dedicated connecting cable A31TUCBL03M is required between the CPU module and A31TU-E connector. If the A31TU-E is connected directly to the RS422 connector of the CPU without using a dedicated cable, the A31TU-E will not operate at all. After disconnecting the A31TU-E, attach a short-circuit connector A31TUSHORTCON for A31TUCBL.

Operating Environment

Hardware DescriptionDescription
OSWindows 98
CPUMore than Pentium 133MHz
Memory CapacityMore than 32M bytes
Hard Disk CapacitySW3RNC-GSVE: more than 51+ MB + SW3RNC-GSVHELPE: more than 108 MB
(possible to select installation)
DisplayResolutionMore than 800 x 600 pixels
ColorsMore than 256 colors
Application SoftwareWord 97, Excel 97 (for document printing) More than Visual C++4, more than Visual Basic 4.03 (32 bit) (Use with communication API function)

Peripheral Equipment

Hardware DescriptionDescription
A30TU-ETeaching Unit for SV13 Operating Software, 5m cable, 5 VDC internal current consumption
A31TU-ETeaching Unit for SV13 Operating Software, with Dead-man Switch, 5 m cable (it is necessary to both A31TUCBL03M and A31SHORTCON), 5 VDC internal current consumption 0.22A
A900GOT / E Series HMIPlease select the GOT from the Human Machine Interfaces section in this Product Selection Guide.
I/F Card Only – See Programming Software section part number SW3RNC-GSVSETE for the complete I/F Kit. (Software, PCMCIA, Cable)

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